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Posted on January 11, 2013

Most recently, my Journey led me to David’s “doorstep” over at The Commonzense of Saint James.  This discovery was followed by a conversation begun on my About Me page here in which he asked me what was “different” about my own “point of view”.  As I began to construct a reply, I realized that it was going to be rather lengthy and was along the train of thought I’d been having with regard to a new post.  So, as a result, I decided to go ahead and combine the two.  (Thank you for the inspiration, David!  It is always greatly appreciated, as is the interaction here. I hope, despite the round-about answer, I have provided some clarity.)

Most recently, I mentioned that my own journey has begun taking me in a direction that – over the years – has become rather uncomfortable for me.  I realize, however, this is a direction that I am being asked to go, and so I am following despite the uneasiness I am experiencing.

See… while I say that my spiritual journey began about a decade ago, I realize that was only on a conscious basis.  It actually started back long before even that…

As a child, I was given freedom from religion by my parents. They were what they called “Catholic School Survivors” and, as a result, preferred to remain as far away from religion as possible, viewing this as giving me the opportunity to explore and choose my own path. This was a blessing, but, at times, it could also be considered a curse as I had absolutely no idea where to begin my journey.

The experiences I have ended up having throughout the years – however brief – have been of Catholicism, through my maternal grandmother, the Lutheran church through my best friend in high school, a “New Thought” sort of church (for lack of a more precise label) and that of the Methodists as a young adult and new mother.  As a result, I did become aware of a difference in my life when I actively went to church.  Things seemed to go more smoothly.  It was not until later in life – after I began to label myself as a pagan – that I became aware the differences between religion and spirituality.  Since then, I have been seeking the latter from my Path, my Journey, which has seemingly led me “full circle”.

Most recently, as I believe I have mentioned in the past, I became a member within the local UU (Unitarian Universalist) Fellowship here.  My original decision for doing so was out of a desire to develop a sense of community in my own life and that of my family.  The beliefs held by the UU’s seemed to match my own more closely than any other faith.  Since I have become more active within the community, I feel as though I am being guided and, therefore, Asked to re-evaluate what I have previously come to believe with regard to Christianity; to see past dogma, the tendencies toward exclusion, hate AND FEAR, as well as a tendency toward surrendering one’s own personal responsibility to another, to delve further into the spirituality that does exist within.

So… more directly, how is my point of view different?  I have never, in my heart, seen Jesus as a “savior”, even though I did at one point or another briefly descend into the fear which surrounds that perceived “truth”.  Even as a rather young child, I saw him as “a brother”, which stood up to my “childish” way of thinking.  After all, if he was the “Son of God” and I, believing God was my “Father”, making me a child of God, too. Then he was my “Brother” and a man, who had a great deal to teach us about the ways of Spirit and being Spirit, ideas which, for me, were supported just the other day…

The other day, I had lunch with many members of the Fellowship and a special guest – Reverend Roger Ray, PhD – a pastor of a church near here and a regular columnist for  Through the discussions we had during that time, I discovered that there are those who explore and write about the teachings of Jesus from a more… pragmatic point of view.  And that he, along with Isaiah, Moses, Zoroaster, and Mohammed, can be said to have headed a “movement” that spoke differently from religion as it existed during his lifetime.

With this knowledge in mind and as soon as I returned home that afternoon, I began to do research online, searching for any reference that might help to further my understanding.  By doing so I found mention of the Book of James and how it is said to give great insight into how one may live his/her life more in-line with what Jesus taught.  That, is how I initially came across David’s blog through which he shares his own insights with regard to James from, as I understand it, a more Zen (Buddhist) perspective.  This idea greatly intrigued me, given that I view my own perspectives as being more “Universally” inspired, adopting bits of wisdom – no matter what religion they are associated with – to guide my Journey.

In addition to that discovery, I also came across a book at the library yesterday that I am finding to be quite interesting thus far.  The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra.

My lesson, through all of this, is this… Spirit will guide us into those spots that are most uncomfortable for us, for which we feel the most resistance, but this is often an indicator that by moving through them, we are likely to experience the most spiritual growth.

And as I collect more “notes”, my dear friends, rest assured that I will be back to share them with all of you.

BE Well,


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