Surrender: My Own Musings

Posted on January 13, 2013

My meanderings… the bits of wisdom I’ve been guided to, which have spanned across this grand and beautiful web we are so fortunate to have access to have seemingly begun to center around one theme in particular as of late – surrender.

I return to Kozo’s post on Everyday Gurus with regard to surrender and how such an idea is not one that is “programmed” in to us here in the west, particularly in the States.  Why, surrender is akin to “giving up” or “failure”, things which are highly frowned upon.

It is Carl Jung, the late Swiss psychiatrist, who is often quoted as having been the first to say:

“What you resist persists.”

And it is an idea that has been expanded upon over the years.  It is actually one that’s addressed in The Secret…

But, it was a post that I read from Lisa Gawlas this morning that really spurred me to take notice this morning…

Now, for those who might think many ideas that are coming out at this time (ie ascension and what-not) is naught more than “a bunch of hooey”, let me say that I am personally of the belief that there are a lot of Truths out there.  Quite possibly as many as there are individuations of Spirit.  As such, I do not believe any idea is less valid than another.  We all – every one of us – experience “reality” in ways that are most conducive to our growth as an individuation of Spirit.  What may be “Truth” for us today, may not be “Truth” for us tomorrow.  By the same token, that which does not resonate for us today (what we might call “hooey”), just might resonate for us tomorrow.  It’s all based on where we are on our personal Journey or Path in any given moment.  That is why you will find many different ideas/theories here on my blog.  No one particular Path resonates with me.  I find and apply any bit of wisdom or theory to my personal path wherever I find it.

With that being said…  I found Lisa’s perception with regard to illness an interesting one.

“This who[le] ascension thing is a BIOLOGICAL event!! If it was just a thing happening way up in the higher realms, we never even would have incarnated for this game! So when the body hits an element of deep change, the biology MUST react and change.”

I know, in the past, I have fought against being sick in any way, shape, or form.  I would plod through it in an attempt to convince myself out of being sick, and at times, it did work.  Others, I would only end up becoming more sick in the end.

Over the years, I have come to realize – often times – sickness is the way the Universe/Spirit/God slows us down to take a greater look at something.  Whether it is a need to slow down and take better care of ourselves or a lesson that needs addressing or a deep biological change that is occurring in our body… I believe there is always a greater reason for such things, if we will cease fighting/resisting long enough to look for it.

Lisa went on to say:

“These are moments you should be celebrating not trying to stop. Granted it does suck to be any where near the word, well the feeling of “sick” but it is a crucial step of Becoming. Yes, you can ask your team, your body to tone things down or even keep it away… and with pure heart desire, they will. But what you are really saying is… the discomfort of changing is more important for me to avoid than going thru the change itself. Imagine if the caterpillar never got into the cocoon and turned into soupy goo (probably feeling like they had the worst case of the flu ever…) we would have zero butterflies on our precious earth. If people delayed or avoided this process, ascension would be a potential that could have been.”

And that is what really drove the idea of surrender home for me…

Do we believe a butterfly struggles and fights against “what is”?  Yet, it makes the most phenomenal change I am personally aware of becoming a thing of beauty, free and unencumbered by gravity.

Perhaps… if we surrender more to “what is” – taking pause to look at why it might be – and struggle less in an attempt to force things into what “should be”, we might grow more into the beautiful being of spirit that we innately are and meant to be.

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