Peace As A Process

Posted on January 14, 2013

I’m low on energy this morning. I was low on energy yesterday too.

How can I tell?

I can tell by the fact that Ego – that little voice that likes to criticize and nit-pick and complain – is carrying out its business in stentorian style this morning.

The messages cascading through my mind are devoid of love, compassion, and acceptance.  All those things that – with a good deal of work on my part – have become more commonplace inwardly these days.

For Ego, no thought, no complaint is too petty.  It sees offense where, more times than not, offense is not intended.  It sees itself as the sun, moon, and stars with ALL revolving around it.  Everything exists as a personal affront to it.

Why do I feel the need to share this?  Well, for starters, to point out that those of us who seek to tread the path of peace or who are sometimes known as “light workers”… Just because we have made the decision to do/be so, whether consciously or unconsciously, does not mean that we exist in a vacuum where nothing exists beyond peace and love.  Indeed, that is our innate state of being, but as long as we are manifest, existing on this Earthly plane of existence, we will still continue to experience duality and contrast in our lives.

Secondly, to, once again, stress that peace not only begins with us, BUT it requires a conscious decision whether we experience it or not.

It is a conscious decision we make – sometimes from moment to moment – whether we are at peace in any given moment.  It requires being AWAKE and AWARE of the thoughts that are coursing through our minds.

Too often, we become so consumed by simply living and getting through our days that we spend most of our time on “auto-pilot”.  All manner of thoughts cascade through our minds, ranging from what we have to accomplish throughout the day to what we will have/make for dinner that night.

In order to truly be at peace with ourselves and our surroundings, we need to become cognizant of those thoughts because too often that is when the “recordings” of past programming will begin.  When we are “un-conscious” of our mind’s activities.  If we are to change that which has come before, we must go within and become AWARE of the thoughts and programming that no longer serve us… no longer support who we have become or who we desire to become.

It is a process, however.

Not too long ago I came across the blog To Know Beauty.  The post I read that continues to stick with me, which has been popping up in my mind as I have been writing this post, is What Really Matters.  In it, the author spoke of listening to a talk Eckhart Tolle did in which he said that, in the beginning, it does not matter how long we stay in awareness, but rather how often we come back to it.

We have not become that which we have become overnight, nor are we going to become the person we desire to be overnight.  It is a process, as I said, and it does take work.  It takes awareness.  But, it also takes love, understanding, compassion, and acceptance.  First of ourselves, then of others.  Because without the former, the latter – no matter how much we wish it – canNOT occur.

When we introduce light into the dark recesses of our being… Darkness can no longer exist.  Even if the change is slight.

And that is how I am approaching myself today.

I started with becoming aware of all Ego had to offer this morning, accepted it, and am having compassion with it… with me, and where all I wanted to do was grump at others… I am now lighter, even going as far as laughing.

We have more control over peace than we think.  It is, in fact, within most of our thought processes that peace fades.  We just have to make the conscious decision to change… to become peace.  Only then will all else follow.  Only then can we – will we – know peace on a grander scale.

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I am one among many who are Blogging for Peace this year.  Our challenge, as issued by Kozo, is to blog about Peace on a monthly basis.  My journey has been about finding peace within myself.  This year, it is about helping others to find peace within themselves in the hope that they will then take it into the world to share…

I find I cannot limit such posts to a monthly feature when it is becoming a weekly, even daily focus for me.  With that being said, I am not attempting to “hoard the conversation”, merely spread the message as inspired.

If you wish to learn more about this growing movement, we have an informational website now (thanks to Cheri Roberts from Cheri Speak) in addition to the Monthly Peace Challenges over at Everyday Gurus.

Peace… it begins with (and within) each of us.