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Posted on January 25, 2013

I’m baaaaack! And do I have a lot to get caught up on…

Last week was a very busy one for me. Well, truth be told… The beginning of the week is always busy around here with various activities to be had. In a “normal” week, the last half usually affords me time for a bit of respite. Last week, that was not the case. Last Thursday, I left with other members in my UU Fellowship for a service project we had planned to do in New Orleans with The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal and did not return home until last evening.

It was a trip that I will reflect upon more – here with you all – in the days to come, as it was most certainly a perspective enhancing experience for me, as well as for many of those with whom I traveled and worked throughout the weekend. (I have so much to share!)

This morning, though, I do want to get caught up on a few things here… first.

If you look at the menu at the top of the blog, you will see a tab I added – Project Gratitude. It is my plan to follow in the steps of one of my dear friends and Heart Sister and participate with her in the Project, which was inspired by Ruth over at Writing Ruth.

Each month, I will update my Project Gratitude page with things for which I am grateful. I would like to say that I will do this on a daily basis, however, I do admit that life does – sometimes – get away from me. With that being said, I will strive to update it once a week – perhaps on Sunday – from the paper gratitude journal I have. (It is my goal/desire to get better at writing in it on a daily basis.)

At the end of the month, I will wipe the page clean, share my points of gratitude in a blog post, which will be archived for posterity. I, then, shall begin anew at the beginning of the next.

There’s that… Then, I am honored to say that Mental Mystic has had bestowed upon it three awards. One was received prior to my leaving, but things got so busy about then that I’ve not had an opportunity to properly accept it until this moment.



Kozo from Everyday Gurus nominated the blog for the Reality Award, and I was/am deeply honored and oh-so-appreciative that he would include it. I have perused through some of the others he nominated, all of which share some very enlightening content in and of themselves.

I just recently “met” Kozo here in the blogosphere, coming across Everyday Gurus after clicking a link for Bloggers for Peace, and I’m truly glad I did. He and the blog are inspirations!

Thank you, again, Kozo!





The beautiful Elina from Melina’s Gentle Rain nominated Mental Mystic for the Beautiful Blogger Award. (Thank you, Elina!) This is the second time MM has been nominated for this award and I’m just as honored this time as I was the first.





Elina also nominated the blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. (Again, thank you!)

She is such a beautiful and inspiring soul, herself, so I am not at all surprised that she was a recipient of these awards as well. The details she shares with regard to her blog…

“This blog is about my journey into authenticity and a spirituality that truly suits me and speaks to me from the Heart. It’s about overcoming my fears and daring to truly live, instead of letting others decide my life for me.”

The words speak to my heart and detail that which I search for on my own journey.


All three awards require that I share 7 things about myself and pass them on to other blogs.

7 Things About Me

1) I was born a “city girl” and have grown (am still growing) into a country girl. I actually found New Orleans to be a little overwhelming with all the noise and hustle and bustle.

2) I grew up without any sort of religious guidance. Instead, was allowed to find my own path on my own. Now, I would call myself (as Alia termed in a recent comment) a “spiritual mutt” or “Heinz 57”.

3) I’m a (retired) Military Spouse. As such, I have lived in many different places. (I was born and raised in California, here in the States. Lived in many different places up and down that state and moved to Ohio with Dh before he went Active Duty again.) Places include: Colorado, Germany, Maryland, New York, and (finally) Missouri.

4) I was an only child, so the whole “sibling dynamic” sometimes escapes me.

5) After a decade or more as a stay-at-home-mom, I’m actually considering what I wish to do as a career and am desiring one which speaks to my Heart; one which is spiritually based and utilizes my gifts.  What that will be… I’m not yet entirely certain, but know it will make itself known once the time is “right”.

6) I’m something of a bibliophile. I LOVE books! It doesn’t actually matter if they’re printed books or ebooks either. Mostly non-fiction. However, I do not always finish them. I’ll get a gem out of one and move on.

7) After having moved to the area 6 months ago… The biggest portion of our stuff FINALLY arrived the other day due to Army-related logistics. (Things did not occur in the manner we thought they would.) For 6 months, “I have one of those, but it’s in… *insert drum roll* New York” has been a common statement and even a running joke among members of my family. Naturally, we did not want to replace things we already had, which – in a matter of time – would arrive. Dh even said our landlord even showed up on our doorstep the day the movers arrived, obviously thinking we were moving OUT rather than in. (With that being said… I have to head off soon to go back to putting things away.)

My Nominees

I’m still quite new in this niche of the blogosphere, so my list – I know – does NOT do justice to all the wonderful blogs and bloggers out there. I’m certain that I will find MORE the longer/more I cruise about. This explains why my list is so limited, BUT I have come across quite a few so far. Please note: If you are among the nominees and do not wish to accept it, I will not be offended. Please just know this one among several ways I am able to express my appreciation for your blog and that which you share with the blogging community.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Kozo at Everday Gurus – (I know you’ve already received this award once before, but I still wanted to bestow it upon you!) In the short time we’ve been acquainted, I’ve found him to be very inspiring to myself as well as many others. He was the one to begin organizing the Bloggers for Peace, and one of his most recent posts – A Letter to My BBFs (Blogging Best Friends) – reminded me that – while there are times when I feel quite a bit like a charlatan speaking of peace, love, and acceptance (among other ego-less virtues) – I am a work in progress. My “persona” here, more times than not, reflects the person that I desire to BE every moment of my life, Grace personified.

Ashtoreth Eldritch at Notes from the Underground – This lady had been an inspiration to me for many, many years now. When we first “met”, our youngest children had not yet begun school. Both are in high school now. (It’s difficult to believe so much time has passed!)

Visionkeeper at One World Rising – This is a blog I have most recently come across, but have found Vk’s posts to be quite inspirational, sort of a roadmap for this New Age/Paradigm in which we find ourselves.

David at The Commonzense of Saint James – I first came across his blog as I began my current study of the Bible, unearthing the true bits of wisdom from beneath those that I perceive have been distorted by dogma and attempts to instill fear in the masses.  About that point, I discovered something that guided me to James.  Look-ups led me to David’s blog, which is an intertwining of the teachings of James and those of Buddhism.  It was something that intrigued me greatly.  That, in addition to the fact that he has “challenged” me to define my perceptions more succinctly through conversation… He is most certainly an inspiration to me. 🙂

The Reality Award

Alania at We Believe In Light – I “met” this lovely lady not long after entering into this “niche” of the blogosphere and my life was made all the better for it.  Not only does she “believe in light”, but she thoroughly exudes it in her blog.  If you haven’t read her blog or had the good fortune to interact with her… I wish that for you.  She is truly a beautiful soul!

Elina at Milena’s Gentle Rain – All the points that are designated to REALITY most certainly describe Elina’s blog.  Gentle.  Beautiful.  LOVE.  Aspects that all emanate from its virtual pages.

Tomas at heartflow2013 – A relatively new blog friend, but one in which I have already found inspiration.  He is currently engaged in 23 Days of Living Love.  I just read his “findings” for Day 1 and am truly inspired by the wisdom he has shared so freely.  He IS inspiring and his blog is filled with all the wonderful things the Reality Award denotes.

Again, as I said, I have absolutely no doubts there are MANY blogs in our own little neck of the woods that deserve these awards.  Some of which I do come across.  However, it has actually taken me 3 days to get this far.  (Remember my mentioning the need to unpack stuff and put it away? *winks*  Errands and a host of other things on top of that.)  I’m playing serious catch up here.  I did want to accept these awards on behalf of Mental Mystic and pass them along to (at least) a few of the multitudes of deserving blogs. It is my hope to get back to “business as usual” in the next few days and begin sharing with you the intricacies and personal discoveries of my trip.

Until then, dear friends…



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