Challenges and the Journey: We GOT this!

Posted on January 28, 2013

Yesterday, I spoke about The Journey and how my perspective with regard to it was enhanced by my recent trip to New Orleans…

We are ALL – every single one of us – on a spiritual journey; a “hero’s” journey, as it were and every challenge we encounter along the way is a part of that Journey.  From the largest trial or tribulation to the smallest… Spirit asks us to look at it, Journey through it, and grow from it.  Absolutely nothing is too insignificant.

One of the greatest challenges placed before me is that of being a mom.  Every day… every moment I spend with my children and my husband, while not always a challenge, is an opportunity for me to become a more spiritual person.  In other words, a human encompassing more of my Spirit on a moment to moment basis.

A recent example of this is where my youngest is concerned… Ohhhhh how she challenges me!  Where my two eldest children helped me to learn how to be a mom, she became my child to teach me how to be a better mom, a “better” being.  I have absolutely NO doubts about it, which (as a spirit) is why I believe she waited to be born to us until my previously “youngest” child was already 9 years old.  Through the challenges she poses, I have learned and am learning that the “traditional” methods of parenting just don’t work with her.  I am being challenged to be more compassionate and creative as a mom.

One of the most recent challenges she has posed has been her “picky-ness” with regard to what she will and will not eat.  Anything that is not to her liking, which has included almost everything that we, as a family, have at meal time is staunchly refused.  Oh, for certain, she would eat those foods that are considered to be “kid friendly”, but anything that could be considered to be a little more “mature” for her palate… NO WAY!

In the past, we have made separate meals for her.  Recently, we put the kibosh on that, though, having her eat the same things we eat.  It has not gone terribly well and had come to a realization that she would sooner starve than be made to eat a cooked carrot or ANY cooked vegetable for that matter.  Sometimes she will go for RAW carrots, but most certainly not cooked.  She would rather go to her room than even consider eating a cooked carrot!  Still… the raw carrot thing?  That is only an occasional thing.  She has to be in the mood.

Oh, for certain…  We tried the methods that we used with our two older kids – the same ones that were used on us as children.  Staying at the table until they eat it all.  Having it for breakfast.  Still…

I like to believe that I am becoming wiser – more “educated” – as a mom, as a being.  Children don’t have a lot of control over their lives.  The one area that they can control, however, is what does or does not go into their mouths.  Short of forcing a child to eat… One is not going to make a child to eat, if he/she does not wish to.  (I should have realized that when one – or both – of my elder children refused to eat their Happy Meal one night a number of years ago.)

Enter… The Sneaky Chef (Missy Chase Lapine)

In the past, I have to admit that I was rather put-off by the concept…  “hide the ‘good-for-you’ stuff in your kids food”.  It felt sneaky, deceptive and… well… just over all, not good.  But, I believe there can come a time when the parent of a “picky eater” just becomes desperate.  I reached that point this weekend when – despite giving her vitamin supplements and her getting a good night’s rest, she appeared gray in color and just not as “sparkly” as she (more times than not) usually is.  In that moment, I decided to do what was necessary to help her regain her spark.

Orange Puree (though I substituted Pumpkin for the Sweet Potato/Yam simply because I had it in my pantry), Fortified French Toast, a mixed berry, yoghurt mix (of my own concocting), and Masterful Mac -n- Cheese (along with a fresh salad), and Black Bean Brownies (Food Network)…  I was a cooking whirlwind in the kitchen yesterday!  And, you know what?  She ate it ALL!  She did forego the crispy top that I opted for on the Mac-n-Cheese, but she ate SO WELL!  I am still SO over the moon excited about it!  What’s even better is the fact that the rest of my family – even my original “picky eater”, who is now 19 years old – enjoyed them as well!

As if that were enough? 3/5 (so far) of us have noticed a marked difference in our energy levels this morning, and my wee’un?  My eldest daughter and I noticed that there was more color in her complexion this morning, and she was not as difficult to get out of bed!  All that, after one day of being a Sneaky Chef!

So… as I said, potential lessons exist everywhere, challenging us to change every area of our lives.  They “force” us to view things differently, to do things differently, more creatively.  If we will only open our Spiritual eye and consciously see every situation, every interaction as the opportunity for moving more closely to Spirit – to our True and Authentic selves – we will likely (because it’s still only a theory in my mind) move through them with more grace and confidence than we ever thought possible previously.

We got this!

One of the challenges that she has really posed to me as of late is her refusal to eat anything that is not to her liking, which has included almost everything that we, as a family, have at meal time.  Oh, for certain, she would eat “kid friendly” foods, but anything that could be considered a little more “mature” where her palate was considered… NO WAY!

As an example…  She likes carrots, only as long as they are RAW.  Cooked carrots… NO WAY!  (Perhaps they become too mushy for her to enjoy.)  She later told her sister “being sent to my room was worth it.  There was a cooked carrot on my plate!”

Through the challenges she poses,

Do you have a “picky eater” among your family?  I used to have two…  My youngest is more challenging in this respect than my oldest EVER was.  I broke down this past weekend and bought a couple of The Sneaky Chef’s books. I never believed in being “deceptive” where my family’s meals were concerned, BUT when one is desperate… one WILL do whatever is necessary.  I am OVER the MOON happy to report this weekend was a WONDERFUL one on that front and my wee’un ate better than she has in a very long time, AND she got an abundance of vitamins and minerals as a result.  An added bonus? I think we are ALL feeling

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