Musings on God

Posted on January 29, 2013

God… We have had an “on and off, again” sort of relationship since I was child. I grew up viewing God as my “Father”.  It wasn’t until I was a teen that I began to lose my faith in “Him”.  How could any Father turn his children away – going as far as damning them to eternal torture in a place called Hell?  If this was the case… He was not a Father that I would wish any sort of relationship with.

As I entered my 30’s, my Path lead me toward a different choice.  It was then that I learned about a Divine Mother.  As a Pagan, I was encouraged to connect with a Mother and a Father, if I was so guided.  Still… I did not feel such a connection with the gods of my chosen path.  I did, however, feel a connection to the Mother as She donned many faces.  I felt comforted, nurtured.  Still, as time passed, I found myself longing to re-establish the relationship I had once shared with my Father.  He was not, however, to be found within the Celtic Pantheon, though there I searched for Him.

It has not been until most recently that I have begun to build and strengthen new relationships with my Divine Parents.  I have even begun to view and feel both in my mind and heart when I speak the word… God.

Each month CLF (The Church of the Larger Fellowship) focuses upon a single topic for study and sharing. This upcoming month the topic is God…  Reverend Meg shared her own thoughts and experiences in her homily this past weekend, which I was finally able to catch up with this morning.  I was amazed to discover that her own Journey mirrored my own in many ways, so I thought I would share it and my own thoughts and experiences with all of you, and I would love it, if you would share your own as well.  How have your own concept(s) of God/Source/Spirit changed (or not) over the years?

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