Blog the Love: February 14, 2013

Posted on January 31, 2013

Yesterday, I was cruising around the blogs that I devoutly follow (I’m getting better at checking in, at least. *grins*), and one way or another I found myself upon the “doorstep” of The Golden Age of Gaia (formerly The 2012 Scenario).  It was while there that I read through a recent post regarding February 14th and their desire for that day to become known as “a day of global love, abundance and equality”.  This is perfectly inline with my own thoughts with regard to that day, at least to some degree.

Valentine’s Day has become a day focused on romantic love (as well as materialism, but that’s another “rant” for another time).  One that is seemingly exclusive to some and, in many ways, depression worthy for oh-so-many.  It was my intent (before coming across the post at The Golden Age of Gaia) to focus this year on another type of love, one which I am going to write a service about, which I will present to my UU Fellowship on the 13th…  Self Love.  For, without it, no other loves can truly thrive.  But, I digress…

Global love, abundance and equality… FOR ALL.

These are ideas that I most certainly support and intend to do my part (no matter how small) to expand the conversation about such ideals.  So, with that being said… I introduce…


On February 14th, A Mental Mystic will host a blog gathering of a different sort.  With the intention of emulating the idea of global love within the blogosphere (in the hope that it will spread beyond), bloggers of any and ALL “niches” are invited to gather here for an all inclusive LOVE-fest.  Spiritual bloggers mixing with Pagan Bloggers, mixing with Mommy Bloggers, mixing with Military Spouse Bloggers, mixing with… The possibilities are endless!

I have heard it said that small groups are microcosms of Humanity, and if bloggers from all the niches (macrocosms) throughout the blogosphere can gather together one day for a Love-In of sorts… perhaps, one on a global scale is not beyond the realm of possibility.

How Will This Work?

Truthfully?  I’m flying by the seat of my pants here.  It was an idea that occurred to me in a half-awakened state this morning.  The way I envision it will work is all participants will write a post about one or all of the ideals we are opening for discussion: global love, abundance, and equality.  Whether it is regarding the ways he/she tries to spread them throughout their own neck of the woods, stories where more of one or all ideals are needed, or his/her own thoughts and feelings about the topics.  Again, the possibilities are endless!

Once the post is posted (on the 14th) all participants are asked to pop back here to link up their posts (I will provide the tool), visit other participants, and leave a comment with regard to one or more posts, which he/she enjoyed reading and why.

The idea will be to mix it up, folks.  Step out of our boxes, our niches, all while getting to know others and their points of view.  It is when we gaze further out… expand our horizons and listen to others, whether their ideas are the same as ours or not (ESPECIALLY when they are not), that we truly grow.

How Can YOU Help?

Besides becoming a participant?  Spread the word! (Please?)  I feel this can be an AWESOME blog event with all the niches in the blogosphere mixing it up in a way that I would LOVE to see us be able to mix it up throughout the world.  All it takes is making OTHERS aware of it.

We have TWO WEEKS!  I believe it can be done.

In the meantime, I WILL create more buttons and banners for everyone to use.  OR if there is someone out there, who is less graphically challenged and would like to come up with something, I would LOVE and APPRECIATE that as well!

AND… if someone is moved to co-host this with me…  I would welcome that as well!

I am REALLY excited about this!  I hope you are too and will join me for this Bloggy Love-In on February 14th.

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