Gratitude, Hearts’ Desires, and Awards… Oh, My!

Posted on February 4, 2013

Since the very beginning of the month sort of sneaked past me, seemingly without my notice, I thought I would post to archive January’s entries for Project Gratitude as well as doing a bit of admin work in the process.  Namely, accepting – but more importantly – passing along a couple of Blog Awards.  Particularly one that I had been remiss in including last time as I had missed the nominations, which came the week I prepared to leave for New Orleans.  Read “really busy week”.

Last month, as many of you already know, I joined with one of my dear friend and Heart Sister for Project Gratitude.  Now, the plan is that at the end of each month I will archive all the things I was grateful for in a post, clean the slate on the page, and begin again.  My advice, should you decide to join us in doing this is? Make sure to copy and paste your points of gratitude to your post before you “ooh-shiny!” on something else, and most certainly do not cut the selection then save the page before doing so.  Annnnnd, if you are a coffee drinker and it’s early in the morning… make sure you are completely awake, or at the very least, through your first cup of coffee.  Otherwise, you just may lose your entire month of Project Gratitude… like I just did. Haha!

Ahhh, well… I have them in my paper Gratitude Journal here, and it wasn’t actually an entire month, given that I came to the Project mid-month.  I will just consider this, as I hope you will, a “service announcement” of what not to do when archiving your points of gratitude. *grins*

This month, I will also be incorporating Small Stones into the page…

Now that Dh is retired, I have noticed the days are beginning to run together.  Seemingly flying by in the blink of an eye with the only things to mark the day are the activities the girls are engaged in throughout as well as the school week.  The weekdays have become blessedly quiet, filled with peace as Dh and I (more than not) move through them following our Bliss, while the evenings and weekends are filled with the “work” of parenting, chauffeuring, and nurturing.  Both of us, are better able to appreciate and enjoy both sides of the coin now, though, and that… is priceless.

But, as I said, time seems to fly by with few moments really viewed with conscious intent or thought.  So, in addition to my (re)growing practice of Gratitude, it is my intent to utilize Small Stones as a daily tool to consciously appreciate, at least, one moment each day.  I do this in the hope that I will, eventually, get to the point where I’m spending multiple moments throughout the day in conscious appreciation.

With that being said… On to the awards…


As I mentioned, there were a couple of nominations that came while I was preparing to leave for New Orleans.  Both Robert from The INFP and Ashtoreth Eldritch from Notes From the Underground presented me with the Liebster Award.  A hearty “thank you!” goes out to both of those lovely souls for the nomination.  Despite my belated formal acceptance of the award, I am deeply honored that each of them included Mental Mystic in their list of nominees.  Both are among my mental list of bloggers that I consciously “speak out to” when I go to post something and are integral parts of the whole when I think of the Community I feel I am a part of here, in this little part of the blogosphere.  Again, thank you, Robert and Ashtoreth!  Sending you both big, BIG hugs!

Admittedly, after reading their nomination posts, I went in search of information regarding this award, such as what it is and why one passes it along to another.  (Good information, I thought, when I go to pass it along myself.)  It was at that point I came across Sopphey’s post at Sopphey Says regarding the origins of the award.

Robert and Ashtoreth offered a bend in the rules for the award. “Feel free to share whatever your heart desires (rather than answering 11 questions).”  I am going to jump at it!  Especially given, as Ashtoreth said in her 11 Random Things About Me list, “It takes me a really long time to finish these kinds of lists”.  (I would rather get to thinking about my list of nominees!)

My heart’s desire…

Yesterday was Dh’s birthday.  We had friends over and had an absolutely wonderful time.  It was the first time we’ve had anyone over for a visit since moving here.  But, the day also marked 24 years that Dh and I have been together.  (I met him on his 20th birthday, and we’ve been together ever since.)  Last night, conversation turned to Big Band music…

Dh played trombone in high school and was in the school’s award-winning Jazz band.  A band that beat The Ohio State University in competition, and I learned last night that some members went on to attend Juuilliard after they graduated.

But, if there is one type of music that speaks to my soul… It’s Big Band.

During the conversation, though, Dh mentioned to our friends that “our song” is Moonlight Serenade.  Funny how a couple that was born late 60’s/early 70’s could possibly call a song from the WWII era “their song”, hmmm?  But, it is.

How did that come about?

Well, I honestly don’t remember the time or place at the moment, but there had been a CD on the stereo that happened to have the song on it, and Dh and I spontaneously began to dance to it.  It honestly felt as though we had done that very thing together before.  Only, a very long time ago.  Back when the song was played live and popular.  It’s been “our song” ever since.

With that being said… I share this with all of you. My heart’s desire.

Mental Mystic, or I/both, was nominated this past weekend for the Day Dreamer Award by Tomas at Heartflow 2013.  (Thank you, Tomas!)  By accepting this award, I am asked to take five minutes out of every day to daydream.



How often do we actually do just that?

From a young age, we are taught that daydreaming is a “waste of time”; that we ought to be doing something “more productive” with our time.  Even as I thought about accepting this award, the thought “I don’t have time today” came to mind.  But, daydreaming… “drifting away”… it is like a quick recharge to our soul.  When we don’t, that’s when we become “soul sick”, which is often followed by physical illness.  In that context, how can we not have time for daydreaming???  “A dream a day keeps the doctor away?” *winks*  So, why not join me for a bit of relaxing music with which to “chill”.  (I’m actually listening to this at the moment.)  Quite a bit longer than 5 minutes, but definitely good for the soul.

Now comes the point in this post when I pass these lovely awards along!  Whoo hoo!

The Nominated

(Note: Please accept your award in whatever manner you are guided.  In other words, “feel free to break the rules!”.  I find I REALLY like the idea of sharing your heart’s desire, though.  To my way of thinking, at least, it tells me a great deal more about you than a list of numerous things.  You are also more than welcome to decline.  I will not be offended.  I understand.  It is not my wish to overwhelm you or your blog readers.  I agree with, and appreciate, recognition/being recognized, but believe there ought to be less conditions attached to the awards we pass along to one another.  My two cents, of course. *grins*)

The Day Dreamer Award goes to Ashtoreth Eldritch at Notes From the Underground, Robert at The INFP, and Lisa at On A Solid Rock.  I wish ALL of you a few moments, every day, of peaceful, soul feeding daydreaming. ❤

The Liebster Award goes to Alania at We Believe In Light, Zully at Spiritual World Traveler, and Marga at Life As Improv.

MUCH Love and BIG Hugs to you ALL!


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