Awareness: We’re Not Gonna Take It

Posted on February 5, 2013

I’m feeling anger this morning.

Last night, I came across a post via Visionkeeper at One World Rising entitled “FYI“.  In the post was a video with Dr Tent of Diverse Health Services lecturing about the state of our immune systems.

Now, please do not get me wrong.  The anger I’m experiencing is not directed at VK.  In fact, I’m most grateful to have come across this video.  That video “illustrated” and explained to me why I have “lost” the majority of my maternal relatives, including my mother, to cancer.  Why my mother had all sorts of illnesses in her life.  Autoimmune illnesses which included Lupus and Fibromyalgia throughout her life, and why she had cancer twice with the last bout taking her life because the fight was finally gone from this woman, who was one of the strongest  women I have ever known thus far in my own.

As if I was not angered enough by that video, I came across another video listed on DHS’s Youtube channel.  This one, another lecture from Dr. Tent entitled “Stomach Problems and GMO Foods”.

What got me the most? It was when Dr. Tent began talking about skin problems in children. Fifth Disease, aka Slapped Face illness or some such leading to arthritis and then how children whose mother’s received antibiotic IVs for Strep B during childbirth have eczema as well as many other skin problems afterward.

Picture 2

They went on to say that these children have been sterilized of the good bacteria…

That’s exactly what happened with me during childbirth with my second child.  The doctors told me that I had been tested and should have been put on antibiotics; that somehow that knowledge had slipped through the cracks and that I had to be put on an IV of antibiotics before my daughter could be born.  Not only did it burn so much as it went through my veins that I cried, but now, come to find out, it will quite possibly have lasting effects on my daughter.  She already has the most sensitive skin of my children and was on more antibiotics than I can currently remember when she was small for one reason or another.  If there was one of my children that had more health problems than the other… it would have been her.

And it absolutely infuriates me that those we trust to keep us healthy…

I understand that this is not inline with Peace, Unity, and Love.  Things I strive to emulate here on A Mental Mystic, but at what point do we say to the Darkness… “Enough is enough”??

We cannot simply act as though we live in a vacuum where Darkness does not exist.  And perhaps we do not fight against it… resist it… For, to do so only causes it to persist.  But, we do shine Light upon it.  Make others aware of it while promoting its opposite.  In this case, better health pursuits, knowing that those who say they are out to keep us healthy… may not necessarily be doing so.

It’s all about Awareness… And I’ll be doing my part in the future.  I can assure you of that.

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