Prepping For a Move

Posted on February 8, 2013

No… I’m not moving again. I LOVE my new home here in the Ozarks and intend to remain here as long as I possibly can.  No, I’m preparing to self-host A Mental Mystic on my own domain.


Well, there are some avenues of a monetized nature that I’m wanting to pursue in the near future.  (Don’t worry! A Mental Mystic, as you currently know it, will not fall under that category.)  I’m planning to add a art/craft store as well as cyberfunding some of my writing.  What will eventually come of all of this?  I’m not entirely certain.  I’m just following my gut at the moment, but I’m – eventually – hoping to generate enough pocket money to supplement hubby’s retirement pay that we’ll be able to continue to “follow our bliss”.  Wish me luck!

I mention all of this, though, because you may notice a bit of “construction dust” being kicked up throughout the process…  It is my hope that I’ll be able to host Blog the Love next week in my new space.  (Hope you haven’t forgotten about that!  I know I haven’t!)

So, that is what’s going on in my little bit of the blogosphere!

Hope this finds you (and yours) well! ♥

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