About Me

I AM on a spiritual journey.  A spiritual journey to know My Self.  To know and BE my True and Authentic SELF, that being that is experiencing its SELF through this human journey through life.  I have touched it.  On many occasions, I have, but my glimpses into Sprit are brief and fleeting.  They are enough, though, to keep me journeying further toward being all that I AM.

In this world, though, I am mom to three two-legged kids – ages 6, 15, and 19 – and five four-legged ‘kids’ – a Beagle (Lugh), a rescue pup (Maggie) and three cats (Loki, Mac, and Angel), as well as spouse (for over twenty years) of a retired US soldier.  This is my spiritual “proving ground”.  This life I have chosen provides me with situations and experiences in which I AM able to know ME better by giving me many views of what I AM not.

Often, we humans get so wrapped up in our existence, our struggles, that we lose sight of why we are here.  Only by coming to know what we are not, can we truly know what we are beyond this world.  The problem I believe we run into is that we think this is what we are; that this is all we are. We have forgotten ourSelves.  We have forgotten why we’ve come to this proving ground in the very first place.  We have forgotten that life is beautiful; that it is a GIFT to be enjoyed and savored.

Not only does this space house a chronicle of my own journey, but it is my opportunity to share with all of you the beauty that I see all around me; to share with you the gift of life as it manifests around me.

It is not always a smooth journey, even when one is Awake.  I have moments when I “fall down” and forget who and what I AM; when Ego grabs hold of me and struggles for survival, but every new moment is an opportunity for me to do it differently.  To do it “right”.

I hope you will join me on this wondrous journey called “life”.

Until next time, dear friends… BE well.

~ D

P.S.  Please know… this blog contains all manner of ideas and theories, none from any one Path in particular.  I draw my beliefs from many.  I recently posted about my thoughts about this:

Now, for those who might think many ideas that are coming out at this time (ie ascension and what-not) is naught more than “a bunch of hooey”, let me say that I am personally of the belief that there are a lot of Truths out there.  Quite possibly as many as there are individuations of Spirit.  As such, I do not believe any idea is less valid than another.  We all – every one of us – experience “reality” in ways that are most conducive to our growth as an individuation of Spirit.  What may be “Truth” for us today, may not be “Truth” for us tomorrow.  By the same token, that which does not resonate for us today (what we might call “hooey”), just might resonate for us tomorrow.  It’s all based on where we are on our personal Journey or Path in any given moment.  That is why you will find many different ideas/theories here on my blog.  No one particular Path resonates with me.  I find and apply any bit of wisdom or theory to my personal path wherever I find it.

You may agree with some of what I share.  You may personally view all or some of it as being nothing more than “a bunch of hooey”.  That is fine.  We are all – every one of us – allowed to our opinions and perceptions.  I do ask while you are here, however, to keep an open mind and be respectful to all here, myself included.

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  1. Dear Dawna!Surprise!
    You have a new Award!
    Please come and pick up The Amazing Daydreamer Award here: http://wp.me/s2C5UV-awards
    I love your blog!

    • Tomas! I am deeply honored. Thank you SO much! I will formally accept it tomorrow. Hope you have had a WONDERFUL weekend!

      Much Love to You,


  2. The Commonzense of Saint James

    January 10, 2013

    Thank you for the follow, I hope you will find something that interest you. Peace~David

    • Indeed, I have. I am very much interested in the sharings of James from another perspective, given that I, myself, am beginning to explore Christian teachings from a different point of view. So, yes, I was very interested to have come across your blog and look forward to exploring it more in the very near future.

      Thank you for dropping by my blog in turn. I do so enjoy having visitors.



      • The Commonzense of Saint James

        January 10, 2013

        Curious what is your different point of view?

        • I did begin a reply to your question, which I did and do greatly appreciate. I realized, though, that it was beginning to become quite long and involved and was going along the vein of thought for a future post, so I will merge the two and link it to this thread.

          Thank you!

  3. Radiant Dawna…you have filled my heart with joy in many beautiful ways!! You share all you are with us so generously…and i would like to take this moment to clearly say THANK YOU!!!! May you always be blessed on this journey into self-discovery and free-expression!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! ♥ In Gratitude and Joy…i would like to nominate you to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award!! http://webelieveinlight.org/2012/10/24/beautiful-blogger-award/

    • Awww, thank you, dear sister! Please know that I am deeply honored and grateful that you have re-gifted me with this beautiful award. While I will not make a separate post for it, given that I recently published a post accepting it, I will add your name and a link to it on my Awards page. Thank you so much, Dear and Bright Heart. My love to you!

      • Great!!! It was the gift of admiration i wished to offer…and since i now recognize the great task of undertaking the acceptance post…I UNDERSTAND…lol!! It’s exactly the way i wished it to be!! You are beautiful…and this is only the beginning of our path together!! In joy and love,

  4. Hey there Dawna… I’ve enjoyed your blog and have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Tis your choice to accept the award or not. To find out more please visit my post: http://bebebutler.com/2012/10/17/a-thank-you-for-the-beautiful-blogger-award-passing-it-along-now/ and find directions, as well as a list of other bloggers I’ve nominated.

    • Thank you, Bebe! I am truly honored that you chose to include me in your list of nominees. I will pop over there momentarily to accept it in a more proper fashion. Thank you, again!

  5. Beautiful. The more I spend time on this blog website, the more I come across BEings who are on this same journey, and it makes it even sweeter to travel in because of the desire for so many to discover it. I’m glad I came across your blog and look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you for dropping by, Moon. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and others of like mind here in this wonderful space.


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