Awards that others have so graciously presented A Mental Mystic with.

Received from Bebe Butler with grateful appreciation. (Thank you, again, Bebe!)

I am also deeply honored to have received this award from Alania at We Believe In Light.  Thank you, Dear and Bright Heart!

Elina from Melina’s Gentle Rain also presented me with this award most recently. Thank you so much!





Received from Kozo at Everyday Gurus for which I am truly honored. Thank you so much, my BBF (Best Blogging Friend)!








Also received from Elina at Melina’s Gentle Rain. Thank you, again, dear soul!








Received from Robert at The INFP and Ashtoreth Eldritch at Notes From the Underground.  Thank you both!!







Received from Tomas at Heartflow 2013.

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