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Small Stones: Loving Arms of Death

November 1, 2012

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Wind blows.  Treetops sway.  Sunbeams shine, twinkling through gaps between branches, now divested of cover.  Last remaining leaves flutter and dance on the breeze.  Down, down one floats, lighting upon crisp carpets of red and gold hues. Beauty far and near as Mother Nature settles into the loving arms of Death until – come the […]

Small Stones: Vigilance

October 30, 2012


Two protectors sit.  Warm beams of light cuts through the chilled air. Ever vigilant, they listen and watch.  Furry heads turning this way and that. The safety of the pack, of hearth and home will be assured. The alpha female feels protected. Loved.

Tools: Small Stones

October 27, 2012


To be honest, I heard about small stones from, my dear friend and Heart’s Sister, Ashtoreth Eldritch1 some time ago…  But, unfortunately, it was a discovery that I had made at a time when I was slightly unbalanced and little ego had me moving headlong in a different, rather futile, direction. (Remember me mentioning that […]

Kaleidoscope of Life

October 13, 2012


One would think I would have learned by now that when one attempts to separate oneself into categories – boxes – situations quite often do not take a positive turn. Take blogging for an example. In the past, I have attempted to split the all of my being into various parts, different blogs actually, out […]