This is a personal blog chronicling my own personal journey through my current incarnation as Spirit experiencing human form.  The thoughts and opinions I express are strictly my own and do not seek to express those of any group or persons that I may (somehow) be associated with (ie women, mothers, daughters, UUs, pagans, Christians, military spouses, retired military spouses, Americans, humans, earthlings, and whatever other labels one may wish to place upon me).  These are my truths, what is true for me… Your mileage may vary.  Just as it should.

In addition to this, my thoughts and opinions are not stagnant.  They may or may not change with the passing of time.  Life is a process of growth.  As such, opinions that I may hold today, may not be pertinent tomorrow.  After all, the only constant in this Universe is change…

In addition to this… I’ve tried blogging “schedules” in the past.  They really don’t work for me. My posts may be sporadic.  I am, after all, in the process of living life and life is not always predictable.  My posts may also seem to be random in content.  This blog is about one’s journey through life and seeing Spirit in ALL things, and given that Spirit IS in ALL things, ALL things are up for grabs where my posting content is concerned.

All content published here (unless noted) is my “intellectual and creative property”.  Please do not reproduce or copy it without consulting me first, or, at the very least, give me credit and a link back here because it’s the right thing to do.

In that vein… Please know that I do make a point to give credit where credit is due.  Contents, images, and information that I utilize from external sources are given proper credit whenever possible and/or necessary.  If you have any copyright related issues with regard to anything I publish here, please comment to and/or email me, and I will take care of it as quickly as is humanly possible.  I do not seek to “rip” anyone “off”, only to share with others.

As author of this blog, I hold sole responsibility for the space that is created and maintained here.  It is my intention that it be a space of mutual respect and growth.  Readers are welcome to share their thoughts and views, even if they challenge my own.  All I ask is that it is done in a respectful (to myself and others) manner.  I do reserve the right to delete (or moderate) any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous), though.  I consider this and my FB Page to be parts of my online “home”.  As such, I request that visitors be respectful and kind to all who “enter”, not least of all, your hostess.

All links published with the content of this blog are for the purpose of expanding the reader’s base of knowledge with regard to the topics I present here.  While I make certain links work when they are posted, it is not guaranteed that they will always work moments down the line.  (The internet is an ever changing force.)  Please know, however, it is never my intention to share inappropriate content with you. If you encounter a broken or inappropriate link, please feel free to comment to and/or email me, and I will do my best to make the necessary adjustments.

While I have not utilized my affiliation with Amazon much up to this point, I am going to begin doing so from this point on.  I am an avid reader and like to share the bits of wisdom I come across.  It is not much. Cents on the dollar, but every bit helps, right?  I will, however, let you all know when a link is an affiliate link within the context of the post in which it appears.

And lastly, I do reserve the right to add to/change any or all points made here at any given time.

Last Revised: 2/6/13

Many thanks going out to those from whose wisdom and examples I learned how to construct this document:

The Blog HeraldWriting A Blog Disclaimer and Does Your Blog Need A Disclaimer?

Will Write For Food New FTC Rules on Writing Reviews, Affiliations, and Sponsored Posts

Disclaimer examples borrowed from:  eNidhi India, Alex Barnett, Scott Dockendorf

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