Project Gratitude

This is a project that my dear friend and Sister of my Heart is doing over at Memoirs of a Voodoo Beach Bunny after being inspired herself by Ruth at Writing Ruth.

Each month, I will update this page with things for which I am grateful.  I would like to say that I will do this on a daily basis, however, I do admit that life does – sometimes – get away from me.  With that being said, I will strive to update once a week – perhaps on Sunday – from the paper gratitude journal I have.  (It is my goal/desire to get better at writing in it on a daily basis.)

At the end of the month, I will wipe this slate clean, share my points of gratitude in a blog post, which will be archived for posterity.  I, then, shall begin anew at the beginning of the next.

2/2013 – This month, I will also begin incorporating Small Stones into this page…

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Quiet settles upon the air
Currents slow, no longer hasten
All to remain
After the chaos of the morn
Is the hum of a fan.

Gone are the voices
So dear, yet blaring
Replaced by the scuffle of paws in play.

Peace and longing co-mingle
Dancing together in stilled moments
Until the bus returns
By end of day.

~ A Mental Mystic, 2013

♥ Quiet after the storm of chaos that can (sometimes) be my kids as the erupt into the morning ♥ My kids and their (sometimes) unabashed exuberance ♥ My furbabies (puppies) and their exuberant greeting of a new day ♥ Coffee.  Especially the first cup in the morning. ♥ The internet and my ability to connect with SO MANY people, some of differing perspectives, every day. ♥ My hubby…  Well, for everything about him.  The unpleasant, as well as the pleasant.  All of it helps me in becoming the person I desire to be. ♥ The beautiful view of nature I have as I sit gazing out the window. ♥ The skill of typing without looking at the keys. *winks* ♥ The beautiful morning that is dawning brightly in our neck of the woods. ♥ The warmth and smell of the wood furnace that Hubby got going for the season. ♥ The means to pay the (rather hefty) electric bill we received before getting the aforementioned wood furnace going for the season. ♥ The knowledge that spring is almost here. ♥ Knowing that we’ll be able to start our gardens soon! ♥ Knowing that we’ll continue to receive Hubby’s active duty pay for another month and a half. ♥ Inspiration ♥ Knowing that God/Spirit/The Universe always takes care of me and always has. (All good things are coming my way.) ♥

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  1. Hi D, I’m so moved that you’ve brought intentional gratitude to your blog . . . it’s so special to me each time new people adopt the practice. Thank you! Your list here has put a big smile on my face. I’m looking forward to reading more as time goes on.

    • You are most welcome! And, again, thank YOU! I’ll be updating later today. Once I can get to my journal and NOT wake up Dh in the process. 😉

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