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Spirit Is Calling

January 7, 2013


Last time we spoke, I spoke about following our hearts.  The image at the top of the post, though, said it all, I believe. I, personally, am discovering the truth which lies within that statement.  It does take much more than courage to follow your heart.  Much more than I ever dreamed possible. Within the depths […]

Following Our Hearts

January 6, 2013


Approximately 5 years ago, Dh and I began to contemplate his impending retirement from the military.  For nearly 25 years, he had served in one branch of the US military or another.  The lifestyle had become our family’s reality, and the thought that we could do go anywhere in the 50 states that we chose […]

2013 Dawns Brightly

January 2, 2013


On this path, it is essential, I believe, to learn to honor the ebbs and flows that exist in our lives. Were I still on the Path to Perfection, I very could easily flay myself on a mental level for having been so absent from this space. I recognize, however, that the period proceeding was […]

Blog Action Day 2012: The Power of We

October 15, 2012


The Power of We.  It is an awesome thing to behold; to be experienced.  Anyone who has attended a sporting event, whether it be on the school level or professional, has likely experienced it first hand. One only need sit in the stands as fans cheer their favorite team onto victory.  The energy.  The power […]

Kaleidoscope of Life

October 13, 2012


One would think I would have learned by now that when one attempts to separate oneself into categories – boxes – situations quite often do not take a positive turn. Take blogging for an example. In the past, I have attempted to split the all of my being into various parts, different blogs actually, out […]

Seek Not Without, Go Within

October 1, 2012

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Quiet and solitude… I’ve been contemplating the necessity of these things for what seems to be weeks now, having first been inspired by a post from my dear friend and heart sister, Ashtoreth Eldritch, then by a couple from the Mystic Mamma (We Need Time Alone and Woman Is the Axis). For a couple of […]

Our ‘Salvation’ Through Enchantment

September 28, 2012


As I sat down to write this post, it was my assertion that, despite the advances in our culture, here in the West (predominantly the US because that is my area of experience) we are not an overly happy people.  I did not, however, wish to say so without first checking my facts… Did you […]

Everyday Musings: Introduction

September 27, 2012

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Recently, I sat listening to a podcast with Guy Finley on Healing With the Masters.  During the talk he spoke about believing; about belief, and he said essentially it means to ‘be alive in’, putting whatever it is into practice everyday. “When my first child was born it was time for me to begin practicing […]

Blessings To Our Food

September 26, 2012


Most recently, I had a discussion with a friend of mine, while I cannot remember the details at the moment, I do recall that our topic of discussion drifted to current situations with regard to our food supply and how it has come to be so suspect. I do understand the outcry with regard to […]