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Goodbye To Perfection: Just Do It!

October 22, 2012


This morning, I downloaded Evernote onto my computer.  I have it on my iPad and my laptop, but had yet to add it to this computer.  I made the decision to get organized (again) where my writing is concerned.  Many “plot bunnies” are beginning to hop all about me, and I don’t want to misplace […]

Kaleidoscope of Life

October 13, 2012


One would think I would have learned by now that when one attempts to separate oneself into categories – boxes – situations quite often do not take a positive turn. Take blogging for an example. In the past, I have attempted to split the all of my being into various parts, different blogs actually, out […]

Personal Journey of a People Pleasing Chameleon

September 29, 2012


This morning I was thinking back on the blog post I published on Notes From My Path yesterday, Our ‘Salvation’ Through Enchantment and how we are asked to put away childish things when we become an ‘adult’. Remembering back to childhood and even adolescence, I recall that I was never quite concerned what people thought about me, my choices, or my […]